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MATT CHAT Interview of David Warhol and Mattel Intellivision

The rise and fall of gaming’s third-party exclusives

Since practically the dawn of the video game console, game makers have tried to set their systems apart with games made in-house by first-party studios or from wholly owned second-party subsidiaries…

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Swords and Serpents Spotlight Review

On the last Retro Game Review Podcast, you heard fellow Arbitrarian, Joe, and myself talk about fantasy video games. Well, last week my big brother gave me a fantasy video game as a gift for standi…

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Voice Actor ROGER CRAIG SMITH Recalls Intellivision in an Interview

Roger Craig Smith is a voice actor who has worked on a wide range of projects. In addition to voicing superheroes like Batman and Captain America, he’s also been the voice Sega’s iconic video game m…

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Remembering the Atari Age

Occasionally I worry that our collective memory of home video games sees the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System as the true beginning. Talk to people about games like Super Mario Bros., Th…

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Spiker Prototype Box Discovered

In what can be classified as an April Fools Joke, because it was one, a rare Spiker Super Pro Volleyball box with 2 girls instead of guys playing volleyball was "discovered". Let the 2 girls 1 ball …

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Atari vs Intellivision with Interviews of Keith and Nolan

Elektronite Interview for RETRO GAMER MAGAZINE 127

Retro Gamer Magazine has a great Intellivision 35th anniversary article in the latest issue, 127. Part of that article features an interview with Elektronite's William Moeller. The interviewer, Grae…

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IntyBasic V0.7 Has Been Released

The latest version of IntyBasic, for you Intellivision programmers, has been released by Nanochess. Download the latest version HERE

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The 21st Century Intellivision Elektronite Interview

The Mattel IntelliVision was released in 1979 to compete against the Atari 2600 and other period game systems like Magnavox Odyssey 2. Back then could anyone have imagined that it would go head to h…

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The IntyBasic Game Database

Visit the new IntyBasic Game Database for a view of all known games and tech demos that utilize the new Intellivision Basic Compiler.

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INTYBASIC V0.5 now Available to Download

IntyBasic V0.5 is now available to download. IntyBASIC is an integer BASIC language cross-compiler for Intellivision that helps greatly to ease in writing new games. The new V0.5 version implement…

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The Incredible History Of Downloadable Console Games

Digital distribution is par for the course these days — regardless of your platform of choice. Sure, the PC gamers have Steam and GOG, but the consoles are heavily entrenched in the world of digital…

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Vintage Intellivision Game Commercial

Valiant Comics has PITFALL themed Comic Book Cover for ETERNAL WARRIOR

A recent issue of Valiant's Eternal Warrior issue 2 payes homage to the Pitfall Atari 2600 cartridge. 

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Vote for 2013 Intellivision GAME OF THE YEAR

2013 was another great year in terms of game releases for the Mattel Intellivision. A total of 5 games were released, they were: Match 5, Super Pro Tennis, DK Arcade, Super Chef BT, and Paddle Party…

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CGR Reviews 1982 Intellivision Catalog

Fight for gaming consoles supremacy started with Atari vs. Intellivision

On Thursday, Sony’s PlayStation 4 arrives. One week later, Microsoft’s Xbox One debuts.

Given the escalating anticipation for these latest-greatest game systems, expect long lines and sold-out …

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The Death of Blockbuster and Physical Media

Blockbuster will soon be dead. If it isn't already.

By early January, Dish Network, parent company to the sad remnants of the once-ubiquitous video rental chain that long-ago made it OK for adults …

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