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Elektronite website is back online

The newly revamped Elektronite website is available at Take a look and browse the games for sale and read the history of the Intellivision game publisher.

Jawcrusher Digital ROM is now available

Get the Jawcrusher Digital ROM game file for use in emulation direct from its programmer Crazyboss.

NaberHood Games has numerous Intellivision games available

Check out the selection of new and used Mattel Intellivision, Elektronite, Homebrews, and more at NaberHood Games.

Original Intellivision PLAYCABLE owner - Vault 1541

Check out Vault 1541's site for some scans and video review related to Intellivision and Playcable.

New Intellivision website INTV PRIME

A new Intellivision website and future homebrew publisher is now live!   Visit INTV PRIME and see for yourself.

Explore the Intellivision Library at

Visit the Intellivision Library over at for a ton of great info and pics and more!

Intelligentvision ROMs still available

Intelligentvision has multiple Intellivision ROMs for purchase. For use in emulation on your CC3, PC, or Rasberry Pi. Check them out HERE.  In addition, there is a ROM section with many games available for free HERE. Enjoy!

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1983 Intellivision News scans on

Check out the Newsletter section on for tons of scans of vintage newsletters. 

Atari Age will carry some Intellivision games in the store

Check out the official Atari Age store for Intellivision homebrew games. 

Support the Intellivision Gen2 Kickstarter

Intellivision Baseball League for 2015

Check out the Intellivision Baseball League for the 2015 season. Join the fun HERE

Intellivision Brasil


Check out the Intellivision Library on, tons of great game info!

Intellivisionaries Podcast Episode 12 Now Live

Episode 12 of the Intellivisionaries Podcast is now live. Check out the Episode HERE!


Episode 11 of the Intellivisionaries is now live, this episode's main review is Q-Bert.


Retronauts just recently talked about the ColecoVision on Retronauts Pocket, but this time they talk about its competitor, the Intellivision, and it gets a full episode treatment!  Listen to the Intellivision episode here. 

FROM RETRONAUTS:  Admittedly, we’re not big Intellivision intelligentsia — I was the only one of the hosts who owned it, and 18 years after it was relevant. But we’re here to appreciate, and that’s what we do.  As one of the first, biggest challengers to the Atari 2600′s…

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Intellivisionaries Special Edition Podcast LIVE

A special edition of the Intellivisionaries Podcast is LIVE, this special edition of the podcast is to reveal a new Intellivision MultiCart. 


5 Things You Did Not Know About Donkey Kong

TORONTO – On July 9, 1981..... Nintendo changed the video game landscape forever with the release of their arcade puzzle-platformer, Donkey Kong, and not much long after, Donkey Kong Jr.  The game, which is still played in competition today, challenged players to move a little man up a series of ladders while dodging barrels being thrown by the title character in order to rescue his girlfriend at the top.

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Intellivisionaries Podcast Episode 10 Now Available

Episode 10 of the Intellivisionaries is now available for your listening pleasure. CHECK OUT THE SHOW HERE

Console Wars Battle that Defined a Generation

When I heard there was a book coming out based on the market battle between Sega and Nintendo, it seemed like a topic I’d like to read about. I grew up playing Atari and Coleco Vision, and the NES blew my mind putting an arcade in my bedroom, but I really remember the intrigue surrounding Sega Genesis. When I bought one, all my friends told me I was stupid and I should be buying the TurboGraphx 16. I was proven right when the Genesis won out, and never even delved into Super NES myself.


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