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Intellivision Entertainment unveiling NEW Console at Portland Retro Gaming Expo

Just before E3 this year, Intellivision Entertainment announced that they were reviving the brand with a new family-friendly Intellivision console in the near future. More details were teased in July, but we were told that the console would not be fully unveiled until October 1. With less than a month to go until that date, Intellivision Entertainment revealed a slight change in plans.

The new Intellivision console will now be unveiled at Portland Retro Gaming Expo on October 20. For those of you who aren’t aware, this is one of the most popular retro gaming conventions in the United States that runs from October 19 until October 21, and probably one of most fitting events they could’ve chosen to reveal more at.

We should also expect a ton of information about this new console to drop during this keynote. Intellivision will unveil the name, branding, hardware specifications, online features, controller, development tools, price, and release date for the console during the event. They also plan on releasing some 3D renders of the console and controller so people can get a better idea of what to expect.

When it comes to games, they will also be discussing launch titles, the developers and publishers they have partnered with, and all of the game licenses they plan on utilizing. Outside of the main keynote, Intellivision Entertainment will also be holding a Blue Sky Rangers panel where the management team for the old Intellivision console will discuss their experiences and a talk with company President Tommy Tallarico about audio creation in retro games.

Article courtesy of DualShockers.


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