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KICKSTARTER Intellivision Gen2 Video Games For PC & MAC

The time was 1980 and video games were entering their prime. Atari 2600 was the early leader but soon it would have a new, worthy opponent, the Intellivision.  Intellivision debuted nationally in …

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RASPIVISION Rasberry Pi Custom Intellivision Console

JzIntv Intellivision Emulator updated for 2015

JzIntv has a new update for 2015. Download HERE


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The Ultimate Intellivision Console - Rasberry Pi

Build the Ultimate Intellivision console!  The Ultimate Intellivision Console is a small portable unit that easily hooks up to your TV and allows you to play all your Intellivision games. What make…

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Intellivision is BACK

The Blue Sky Rangers have regrouped to bring back video games from a simpler time

In the early 1980s Keith Robinson was getting paid to have fun with his friends, programming video games such as As…

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Intellivision Flashback Officially in Stores

I saw AtGames’ Intellivision Flashback and Colecovision Flashback systems in a Toys R Us the other day, and I’ve got to say, we’re in trouble. These things look really cool. I mean, they look like a…

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Updated Intellivision Flashback Commercial

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