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Pot O Gold coming soon to Mattel Intellivision

Venture 2 for Intellivision

Intellivision new game SNATCH

How to make an Intellivision game

INVINCIBLE Mario cheat in Elektronites D2K Arcade

Killer Bees in development for the Intellivision - free demo

Killer Bees is in the works for Intellivision. Check out the development of this game and download the digital ROM.

Intellivision programming contest 2018 A SPARROW GOES FLAPPING

A new game has been entered in the 2018 Intellivision programming contest. A Sparrow Goes Flapping by programmer KIWI. Give the game a test here.

Intellivision Bad Apple

Deep Zone for the Mattel Intellivision

Princess Lydie for the Mattel Intellivision

Princess Lydie for the Intellivision is part of the 2018 programming contest. Check the game out and give it a try yourself. Programmed by mmarrero.

IntyBasic Programming Contest 2018

Want to program your own Intellivision game? The 2018 contest is already underway. Your game could be published as well! Check out the contest HERE and see if you are up to the challenge of making your own game.

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Boot Hill for the Mattel Intellivision

Boot Hill for the Intellivision is in progress and being submitted for the Intellivision IntyBasic programming 2018 contest. See HERE.

Runnerz for the Intellivision

Introducing Runnerz for the Mattel Intellivision. For more info see here: Link

Miner 2049er preview for Intellivision


RCA Studio II games now on the Mattel Intellivision

Download the ROMS for the RCA Studio II and play on your Intellivision via: Emulation, Cuttle Cart 3, or LTO Flash. This project was completed by Atari Age user Decle. For full information and downloads check it out HERE.

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Download the ROBOT BLAST digital ROM

Download the free digital ROM of Robot Blast HERE

Mr Turtle in development for Intellivision

Introducing a new release INTYBASIC SHOWCASE VOLUME 1

Atari Age user: Tarzilla has revealed an upcoming Intellivision release. IntyBasic Showcase Vol. 1.  This compilation will consist of 3 games that were programmed using the IntyBasic programming language, that was written by Atari Age's NANOCHESS. For full details surrounding this release READ MORE HERE

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Sydney Hunter And The Sacred Tribe coming in 2016

Sydney Hunter And The Sacred Tribe by Collectorvision is tentativley scheduled to release in 2016. More details in the official announcement. 

Pellets And Ghosts coming to Intellivision

A  new game is in development for the Intellivision. Download the ROM from the official thread by the programmer 5-11Under. 

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