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Interview with Roger 'Psycho Stormtrooper' Mathews - 2004

Interview by Scalpel with Gamotek

Psycho Stormtrooper story of atypical collector

33 years old *, Psycho Stormtrooper is emblematic Certainly video game collector. Intellivision de son as specialist youth, it judiciously Increases His collection by organizing bets With His buddies and he used Mattel Intellivision 4 at the time Sami. Today, this is not only US collector reconnu by ict incredible collection of games and Intellivision units aim more for the ophan overlays Especially set for the games sold without (Parker, INTV, Coleco, Atarisoft games). Now, His ongoing passion ...

On your website, we learn you how est devenu player and collector, Could You tell more about your gamer life? Whar are your favorite games?

When I was young, my first video game system Was PONG. It was one of the very first home video games Produced.It soon est devenu boring. A year later, a friend of mine got an Atari system. We Would Spend hours & hours on it every day ... .we Were kids. Being que la 70's Were the start of the video game boom, my relatives Did not Understand quite the attraction for kids. After coaxing Some with some good grades in school, I Was ble to get 'em to commit to a video game system for Christmas. I Told Them I wanted the Most Expensive system ... .which Was Intellivision, at the time. I Was hooked. For That time period, the graphics Were the best. 
I did not really get into the ColecoVision, goal DID-have just about every after-system that ... (Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, PS II, and now X-Box ... .to name a few) I still play the Intellivision one occasion, purpose play alot more online with games like PS II. 
My favorite game for the Intellivision system Was "World Championship Baseball." Do not get me wrong, I loved the role playing games, goal I Was a freak sports. Also, It was more fun to play than contre my buddies alone.

Are you the Intellivision major collector in the world? How do you Distinguish yourself from the --other Specialized collectors?

No, I am not the major collector in the world ... .. not-even in the United States. From what I know, the United States HAS at least the top 20 collectors in the world. If I had to rank myself ... .It Would Be in the top 20, but not in the top 10. One of the top collector is Intelli-Steve (Steven Orth) aka Vader-O. He Has one of the best Intellivision sitesINTV Funhouse . Like me, most is of the items we are His website Actually In His collection. There are aussi Many collectors do not-have That sites or stay out of the limelight. 
In my personal collection Intellivision, I have over 1500 games with two full collections of games, 20+ systems, An Almost Complete Digiplay collection, & Many unusual items . 
I myself distiguish --other from collectors as Being the cut-up. You can see this by looking around my website. I like to joke around & have fun. I am a stickler for things aussi Being perfect. That is why I created the "Orphan Overlay set." I Was Happy That never Some games Were Produced without overlays. I have a graphics art background & Was Determined to make the full games. It Took Several years to full, objective I was very happy with the end result.

What are your Most Beautiful Intellivision items? How did you find 'em? What do mean thesis items for a collector as you?

Thin Ice Overlay

Thin Ice - Overlay made by Roger (Psycho Stormtrooper)

Some of the best items in my collection are my factory sealed "Congo Bongo" game, Shrinkwrapped "Fathom" game, mint "Spiker Super Pro Volleyball" game, & my factory sealed / shipped Intellivision Inc boxed games. (The factory sealed / shipped boxed games are Games That Were shipped from the factory to the distributers. Each has 6 sealed games in Them That-have never seen the light of day. The last person to touch 'em Was the person That boxed' em at the factory. I have a box of "Masters of the Universe, Pinball, Night Stalker, Motocross, Burgertime, Super Pro Football -INTV, & Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball- INTV). 
Some of the rarest items in my collection include my Intellivision Digiplay collection. Digiplay (gold Digimed) Was a company based in Brazil. They Were in the company of load generation & distribution of Intellivision games in South America. For a collector, thesis games are very rare Because They Are all Produced in the local language of Brazilian Portuguese. The instructions look different & the overlays are-even in Portuguese! They are the only Intellivision games to thesis-have differences. There 'whole history can be viewed on my website under "Digiplay". I have beens Told by Many collectors That I-have the biggest collection of Digiplay / Digimed games in the US, and maybe in the world. Currently I-have over 200 boxed games Digiplay Including five "Digimed Intellivision I" systems, ten "Digiplay Intellivision II" systems, & some very rare catalogs. 
I am working on getting a aussi very rare item from a form of employee Intellivision Inc. It is beleived to be the actual Intellivoice II unites That Was pictured, never aim Produced, for the Intellivision II unit.

Do you think your passion Intellivision help you in your life?

That is a tough question ... I do know That I still get excited every time I get an Intellivision game. As far as helping me in life? ... Well, I guess the best thing It has done for me is to teach me That life is very precious. Is That what I mean, I cherish all of my Intellivision games Because It reminds me of when i was young & life single WAS. No stress, no job, and no problems in life to worry about except playing outside, or playing video games with friends. Aussi I have made friends with Some Great --other collectors. I would not change a thing.

Is it feasible to organizes in US or elsewhere has special contests (popular gold with charge for gamers) on old Intellivision videogame like?

That Would Be difficulty. May it be reliable to be done at a trade show like the "  Philly Classic ", or the CGE (Consumer Gaming Expo). They are put on every year & May be ble to put together contests. I beleive That Does The Philly Classic-have retro-gaming contests For a Few of the old consoles. The problem Is That Almost all of the collectors are from the 70's & 80's. The younger generations do not know what-even Intellivision is.

psycho2Why do you hide with a mask, are you alive year PacMan?

The reason I Do That is stealth. I like the idea of ​​Being hidden in a crowd. I love to go to vintage electronic shows & talk with people.When the name "Psycho Stormtrooper" comes up, I can get real opinions about my work without giving up my identity. It est aussi a memorable icon & name. I Was Told from Reviews another collector That When He hears "Psycho Stormtrooper" ... .he Thinks overlays.Beside, I am just too good looking. I do not want model agencies bothering me.

Did you insure your collection? That significant do you think to do it in your case and for --other major collectors today?

Believe me, my collection is secure. Goal, except for my homeowners insurance, it is not. I keep my unusual & high price items locked away in an undisclosed location. My main collection & extra items are always in near my home. 
I do not think it is Necessary to put Any extra insurance on large collections. But, I do think it is not wise to keep it all in one spot. "Do not put all your eggs in one basket" fate speak! That I do know if my house burnt to the ground, I would break down in tears ... ..not from the loss in money from the Intellivision collection goal from the time & efforts envolved.

overlay Commando

Overlay Commando directed by Roger (Psycho Stormtrooper)

What are your next projects for your gold collection around Intellivision? Would you like to Develop it?

Funny you ask ... shoulds. I am Currently envolved in a big project Developing some new games for the Intellivision system. They will be made in cart form Complete with box, instructions, and overlays. I can not expand on this Because it is all hush, hush for now. Let me just say que le games will blow everyone away, They Will be made in limited quantities, and you will see 'em this year (2004)!

What do your family and friends think about your passion? Understand do they?

They think I am Psychotic! Hense, the name "Psycho Stormtrooper". They laugh at me When They see me getting excited over 20 year old games.

Your relatives sold Their collection can for your first Intellivision, is it to return honor to Them That You est devenu a collector?

Yes, it WAS. Along with try trying to recapture my youth. Some guys buy a fast new car in to do this ... .I buy Intellivision games. One day I hope to return the favor to my relatives by selling off my collection in order to get Their cans back. :)

When You Were child, you Organized bets. Could you tell me more about?

That was a long time ago. Back When Intellivision Was the hottest gaming console. What I would do is set up tournaments on the weekends with friends & others. Would we compete for money playing Each game cart. The top gamer For Each individual game Would win money out of the pot. Whoever won The Most Individual game Would win a bonus pot & be Declared the King. 
I did the Saami thing years later with the Sega system & NHL Hockey. I guess it is like a poker game for video gamers.

I trade your full Intellivision collection for one week of dream with incredible Miss World in a villa in the Caribbean, do you accept?

Ha ha ... Well ... I do not think that's a fair trade. Some of my items are beyond scarce & one of a kind. There are Many women in the world. Also, my collection never complained to me, cheated on me, or wanted money ... .. Maybe if you Threw in a FEW more girls, and extended it for a FEW months, We Could Talk.

In 2012, Roger is 41 years old and sold there are a FEW years has largely de son Intellivision collection.

 Interview made by Scalpel (March, 4, 2004)

Psycho Stormtrooper, the creator of the eponymous overlays!

At 33 *, Psycho Stormtrooper is certainly one of the most iconic video game collector. Specialist at a young age of the Intellivision, he wisely expanding its collection by organizing paris with his buddies to run 4 Mattel Intellivision simultaneously. Today Atlantic off collector is not only known for its amazing collection of games and consoles but especially for overlays designed for games sold without (series Parker, INTV, Coleco and Atarisoft). His passion does not end there as we will learn in this interview .

Can you talk about your playing career? What's your favorite game?

My first console was a Pong system, the first home video game. It quickly became tiresome. The following year, one of my friends had the Atari 2600. Every day, we spent hours and hours on it .... we were kids. It was the 70s and the explosion of gaming. My parents had not quite understood the attraction that meant for the kids. But after good grades in school, I could have the right to request a video game console for Christmas. I wanted the most expensive game console at the time ... it was then the Intellivision.I hooked immediately. The graphics were much more beautiful than the other systems.

I did not follow the wave "ColecoVision," but I had almost all of the following consoles: Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, PS2, and XBox now to name a few. I always play to Mattel on occasion but I spend most of my time on the PS2 on online games.

My favorite game for the Mattel Intellivision was "World Championship Baseball." But do not make me say what I did not say I love RPGs, but I'm crazy about sports games.And it was more fun to play with friends than alone.

Are you the biggest Intellivision collector in the world? How do you distinguished compared to other collectors ?

No, neither the world nor the United States. From what I know, the 20 most important collectors living in the United States. If I had to position myself in a list, I would place myself in the top 20 but not in the Top 10. One of the most important collectors is Intelli-Steve (Steven Orth). He developed one of the most interesting sites on the Intellivision, INTV Funhouse . As for me, all he has is listed on its site. However, many collectors do not have a website and sometimes prefer to remain discreet.

My personal collection includes 1500 games (including two sets of complete games (125 different games have been officially published, Ed)), over 20 consoles Intellivision and almost a complete collection of Digiplay games (Intellivision games manufactured and distributed in Brazil , Ed) and many other rare coins.

I apart from other collectors opting for an offset speech. We can realize it by visiting my website. I like to joke and have fun with what I do. But that does not prevent me from being a very rigorous. To argue my point, I made overlays for marketed games without (Coleco games, Parker, INTV, Sega, Atarisoft, Ed). I was not satisfied with the idea that games had been published without overlay. With my background in graphic art, I set out to complete these games. I am very satisfied with the final result.

What parts of your most interesting collection? What do they mean for a collector like you?

The best pieces of my collection are games still sealed. I think particularly of "Congo Bongo", "Fathom", "Spiker Super Pro Volleyball" or to sealed games themselves is in sealed boxes which were only sent to distributors by the company Intellivision Inc. s' These cardboard boxes each containing 6 games ... games so have never seen the light of day. The last person who touched them is the employee who conditioned games. I have a box of "Masters of the Universe", "Pinball", "Night Stalker," "Motocross", "Burgertime", "Super Pro Football" and "Slam Dunk Basketball Super Pro".

Some one of my finest pieces of my collection also includes a collection of Digiplay games. Digiplay (or Digimed) was a company based in Brazil. The company produced and distributed the Intellivision games in South America. For a collector, these games are very rare. The box, manual and overlay were translated into Portuguese. These are the only Intellivision games that support this feature. I approach the history of Digiplay on my site under the same name. Many collectors have told me that I was the most important game collector Digiplay / Digimed the US, and perhaps the world. I currently have over 200 games consoles and 5 Digiplay "Digimed Intellivision I" 10 consoles "Digiplay Intellivision II," and very few catalogs.

Currently, I am trying to retrieve a very rare object that holds a former employee of the company Intellivision Inc. This is a photo of the Intellivoice II never happened.

In any way, that brought you your passion?

It's a difficult question ... I am still very excited to get Intellivision play. But to bring me something in life? Well, the best thing is this passion brought me to teach me that life is very precious. What I mean by that is that I cherish all my Intellivision games because they remind me of my youth. Life was so simple, stress-free job or problem. The only thing that mattered was having fun with his friends outside or with video games. 
What I can add is that it allowed me to make friends with collectors. Today, I would not change anything.

Do you think it is possible to organize tournaments on old video game consoles in the US or elsewhere?

This would not be obvious. It is possible to organize exhibitions sale as "  The Philly Classic ", or "  EMC  " (Consumer Gaming Expo). They take place every year and could at the same time organize tournaments. I think "The Philly Classic" takes on old consoles. The problem is that all collectors are from the 70s or 80s, the new generation of players do not know the consoles as Intellivsion.

Why are you hiding under a mask, are you a living PacMan? ^^

It's a trick. I like the idea to go unnoticed in a crowd. When I go to trade fairs, I take pleasure in talking to people attending the show. When the name "Psycho Stormtrooper" is formulated, I get feedback on my work and without having to identify myself. It is also a name and a symbolic icon. I heard from a collector that when he heard "Psycho Stormtrooper," he thinks to overlays. Behind this mask actually, I'm really nice and I do not want that modeling agencies are bored.

Have you insured your collection and do you think it is necessary for important collectors do so?

Believe me, my collection is safe. But no, except my home insurance, I have not specifically insured my collection. I preserves the rarest and most expensive parts in a closed, secret location. My main collection and other items are always close to me, my home.

I think we need to take out additional insurance for a large collection. But I think however that it is not prudent to keep everything in a single place. "Never put all your eggs in one basket" as they say! I know that if my house was burning, I could collapsing into tears ... not for the financial loss that would represent but for all these efforts in smoke leave.

Do you have plans for the Mattel Intellivision?

It's funny you ask me that ... I am currently on the development of new games for the Intellivision. These games include a cartridge with a box, a manual and overlays. I can not say more for now because it is still a confidential project, too confidential for now. I can just say that these games will impress. They are provided in a limited amount and you will see, this year, 2004!

What is your family and friends about your passion? Do they understand?

They think I'm a psychopath! Hence my name "Psycho Stormtrooper". They make fun of me the idea that I could be excited by old games 20 years.

Your parents had to sell their collection cans to give you your first Intellivision console, is a way to honor them that you have become a collector?

Yes, it's true. It is also a way to remind me of my youth ... types buy powerful cars ... I buy Intellivision games. One day I think to sell my collection redeem cans collection of my parents to offer them.img




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