Welcome to the Intellivision Revolution!

IntvSteve - The 125 Club Gold Member

IntvSteve is most known for running the very popular and useful Intellivision website: IntvFunhouse. The hard work put into the variations list is second to none!  His collection is very nice as well. He has all 125, with only a box for Spiker missing. But he has made up for that with having two copies!! One Spiker is the "normal" one with manual. The second Spiker is the unopened "baggie" release with VOLLEYBALL label. 

The blank box in the top row is an unopened 1978 Demo cart. In addition to the gold-labeled Super Cobra (CIB), the top row shows the silver label variant. The bottom row has the hard-to-see League of Light and Robot Rubble. 

Not pictured: IntelliCart, CuttleCart 3, test carts, League of Light / Robot Rubble boxes (still unassembled) and a crazy number of variants and other junk.