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mattel cds console


The Mattel CDS uses a 16-by-48 matrix LCD screen and is powered by six size AA alkaline batteries inserted in the compartment on the bottom of the console, or an optional power cord. The LCD screen is more wide than tall, utilizing a grid of 8-by-2 text is possible, allowing for a maximum of 16 characters on-screen at any given moment.

The unit comes preprogrammed with three games: art mode, music mode and type mode. The CDS also comes with a specially laid-out membrane keyboard to better accommodate the built-in modes and also made use of keyboard overlays for use with expansion modules. Also included with the unit was a large activity book with over 100 suggested learning activities specially tailored for the CDS.

To date, two different box variations have been discovered. The more common version is as shown in all advertising. The other version prominently features 'CDS' atop a multicolored striped background. 

ConsoleBox ColorYearManufacturedManufacturer Part No. 
The Children's Discovery System ComputerMaroon1980Philippines & USAMattel Inc. Hawthorne, CA1605
The Children's Discovery System CDS ComputerLight Grey/Rainbow1982Philippines & USAMattel Inc. Hawthorne, CA1605