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AIR RAID coming to the Intellivision in 2016

Air Raid is headed to the Mattel Intellivision in 2016. More details HERE.

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Intellivision vs Atari 2600 Ultimate Comparison Video

Homebrew SPACE RAID Atari 2600 VS Intellivision

Gamester81 reviews both versions of Space Raid, both are programmed by Nanochess, and being released by Collectorvision this year. 

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Atari 2600 AIR RAID Auction Sells for 2499.00

The elusive Air Raid game by Menavision has been sold on Ebay for $2,499.00. This is only the cartridge itself. View the action HERE

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Halo is now available for Intellivisi.....Atari 2600

Halo 2600 is an original homebrew game created by Ed Fries for the Atari 2600. Ed Fries once worked as the VP of Game Publishing for Microsoft's Xbox division and was instrumental in bringing Bung…

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Video Game Critic Reviews Atari Flashback 4 Deluxe

Atari Flashback 4 Deluxe Edition

The Video Game Critic Review 12/8/2012

I had a lot of nice things to say about the original Atari Flashback 4, but little did I know there was also a snazzy 40th A…

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The Intellivision Ads, Catalogs, and Magazines section is now live!

Check out the IntellivisionRevolution Advertisement,Catalogs, Magazines, Vintage Pictures, and more! View and download directly from Image Viewer and also submit your own pictures. More Pictures will …

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Atari 2600 Vs Intellivision Comparision

Vintage PITFALL Commercial with Jack Black

Graphics: Atari 2600 Vs. Intellivision


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Star RaidersSpace Spartans

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