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Commercial Break

Commerical Break

Commercial break from the Netherlands

Playcable commercial with Mickey Mantle

Frogger Commercial

Qbert Commercial Break

Commercial Break

Intellivision Commercial Break

Intellivision Commercial Break

Vintage Japanese Intellivision Commercial

COMMERCIAL BREAK Italian Burgertime

Intellivision Keyboard Component Demo Video

When the Intellivision was released it held the promise of a future component that would turn the Intellivision into a fully functional home computer. This much delayed accessory had reliability problems. A lot of Intellivision fans were consistently disappointed for many years, but hope of release always seemed to be just around the corner.

They even released a demo system with a cassette that demonstrated the potential of the keyboard into test markets in the late 1970s. This video shows ex…

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Intellivision Commercial Break

Retro Intellivision Commercial from Australia

Updated Intellivision Flashback Commercial

WE WERE THERE new Intellivision Flashback Commercial

Vintage Burgertime commercial

Burger Boy Retro Intellivision Commercial

Vintage Intellivision Game Commercial

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