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SNAKE TEN LINER on the Intellivision

Dave Akers has shown a cool little game called Snake Ten Liner for the Intellivision. The goal was to create a game using ten lines of programming code. READ MORE about the experiment and the progression. Also download the free ROM and try it yourself!

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IntyBasic Page Updated

The IntyBasic page has a few updates on it. IntyBasic V.07 is out along with the newly added IntyColor! Also added a few games including Blast It by Dave Akers, a Laser Blast clone that is in progress. Enjoy, and download the program and start your game!


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Introducing CLOWNS AND BALLOONS for the Intellivision

Blue Sky Ranger Dave Akers has a little game in development called Clowns and Balloons, created with the new IntyBasic Compiler programming tool. You can find out more about this fun little game in the development blog as time progresses. Uncertain at this point if a CIB release will happen. Stay tuned!


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Paddle Party coming September 2013

Paddle Party by Elektronite is scheduled to be released in September 2013. This compilation of Pong style games is being programmed by Dave Akers, a veteran Intellivision programmer and Blue Sky Ranger!   

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