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River Raid gameplay video

Beauty and the Beast winning run

Donkey Kong Junior gameplay

Stampede gameplay for the Intellivision

Intellivision COMMANDO long play

150 Intellivision games

Congo Bongo gameplay

Lock N Chase Atari versus Intellivision

Gameplay video of Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribes

Playing Intellivision Lives on the Gamecube for the first time ever

Reactions to playing Intellivision Lives! for the first time on Gamecube.

GAME GRUMPS play the Mattel Intellivision

Some drunk morons play the Mattel Intellivision.

Pac Man review in German

KYLE AND MICHELLE PLAY Intellivision Showcase

German Beauty and the Beast gameplay review

D2K Arcade for Intellivision gameplay video

Also available is the D2K Arcade Special Edition. Order HERE

Intellivision vs Atari 2600 Ultimate Comparison Video

2015 IntyBasic Programming Contest Entry - Intellibullet

Intellibullet for the Intellivision, full details here.

White Water for the Intellivision

PRINCESS QUEST for Intellivision gameplay video by Intellivisiondude

Playing Burgertime in Sweden

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