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PRGE 2016 - GOSUB Available at the Convention

Visit the Intellivision Revolution Booth at PRGE on October 22, 23 2016 to pick up your copy. GOSUB is also available to reserve directly from 2600Connection.

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Reserve your copy of GOSUB for the Intellivision NOW

GOSUB is coming to the Mattel Intellivision. You may reserve your copy/serial number now. Sales begin in October. Fll details are available in the official announcement thread HERE. This game is co-published by 2600Connection and Intellivision Revolution. Programmed by Chris Read and Gemini North Productions.

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New title screen for Intellivision Homebrew GoSub

Atari2600Land has shown a new title screen for upcoming homebrew game GoSub. Check out the development thread HERE.

GoSub - New Intellivision Homebrew

Atari2600land is now working on a new Intellivision homebrew game called GoSub. You navigate your submarine through various underwater mazes in search of treasure. Check out the progress in the programming thread. No word as of yet on a release or not. This game is being programmed with IntyBasic

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