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Retro Gamer Magazine 127 features Intellivision 35th Anniversary Special

The latest issue of Retro Gamer, issue 127, features an article on Intellivision and the 35th anniversary!


Retro Gamer is the essential guide to the fascinating world of retro gaming. Regardless of whether you've been playing games since the arrival of Pong or have just discovered classic machines you'll find Retro Gamer to be an indispensable read. Every issue you get in-depth articles covering the very best games, franchises and machines and exclusive interviews …

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A new classic video game magazine is out now. Subscribe to RETRO VIDEOGAME MAGAZINE, Digital and printed issues are both available, although print issues may be somewhat limited. 

Video Game Trader Magazine Issue 26

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The Homebrew Heroes Magazine

Who is your Homebrew Hero?

Homebrew Heroes is more than just a magazine, it's over 100 pages of retro goodness dedicated to all things homebrew. Inside you will find the top 10 homebrew games for near enough every retro console out there from the Atari 2600 to the Sega Dreamcast as well as the history of each system, tech specs and screenshots. But that is not all, not even close, we also tell you how to build your own home computer and speak to somebody who has. Alongside this we bring you t…

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The Homebrew Heroes Magazine Promo Video

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