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ROCKETEER and MARS MINIS Developer Gives Updates

The Developer and Programmer, GROOVYBEE,  of the games Rocketeer, Mars Minis, Apple Snaffle, and numerous other games in development for the Mattel Intellivision has given an update on the current status of the projects. See the update for yourself HERE

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MARS MINIS Homebrew Screen Update

The title screen and level intro cut scenes have been updated and are near completion for the upcoming Intellivision homebrew MARS MINIS. 

Official updates will appear in this THREAD BY GROOVYBEE




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New Intellivision Game MARS MINIS Announced

This new Intellivision homebrew will be a mini game compilation of mars themed games. You will select the games from a built in menu. So far there are 2 themes, Caverns and Descent. This will be a CART ONLY release and the ordering cut off is June 30 2013. Visit the development BLOG to get on the ordering list.



The object of the game is to guide your spacecraft along the Mars cavern avoiding the walls and obstacles in your path.

Its very loosely based on SFCave. For those unfam…

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