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Intellivisiondude unboxes the LTO FLASH Intellivision Multicart

Get ready for new Intellivision multi-cart LTO FLASH

Left Turn Only has announced that the upcoming Intellivision multi-cart, the LTO Flash, will be available for purchase the last week of August 2016. For full purchase details, official details will be made by Atari Age user INTVNUT in the official announcement thread

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The HIVE Intellivision Multicart Title Screen

The title screen for the upcoming Intellivision Multi-Cart has been shown by GroovyBee.  View the development thread HERE

The HIVE Information Page

Visit the HIVE information page hosted by Intellivsion Revolution. 

Introducing the HIVE Intellivision Multicart

Groovybee's Intellivision Multicart now has a name, HIVE, as revealed today. The initial run of will only be 20 copies, but a full deluxe boxed copy is in the works. The Initial of run of 20 will be priced at 75.00 plus shipping. Plenty more details can be seen in the OFFICIAL THREAD

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The LTO FLASH Information Page is now LIVE

Visit the LTO FLASH! page on Intellivision Revolution. 

LtoFlash Cartridge Board Revealed

New Intellivision MultiCart Revealed LtoFlash

A new Intellivision MultiCart is headed to your Intellivision this summer. Originally codenamed: Locutus, the LtoFlash is the final name. This user friendly 'drag and drop' based multicart should be available for purchase by the arrival and revealed at the upcoming retro gaming convention CGE 2k14. A price point is an estimated $119.00 and comes in an Elektronite produced gatefold box with manual. The initial production run should be plentiful and if there is a sellout, more units will be made…

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Intellivisionaries Special Edition Podcast LIVE

A special edition of the Intellivisionaries Podcast is LIVE, this special edition of the podcast is to reveal a new Intellivision MultiCart. 


Groovybee's New Intellivision Flash Multicart is Progressing

Atari Age user Groovybee is making progress on his new Intellivision flash based multicart. Alot has been done, but it still has a little way to go, hopefully a release in 2013!  While no Mattel or any other 3rd party game ROM's will come pre loaded, it is scheduled to have some game content from Groovybee himself. More details as they become available.

Technical stats:

  • FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 compatible.
  • Long filenames supported (VFAT).
  • Files are displayed in white, folders are in yellow.
  • 8…

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