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OLD SCHOOL gameplay PAL versus NTSC

Intymike compares PAL and NTSC with Elektronite game Old School.

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Elektronite offering Match 5 and Old School for Limited Time

Visit NABERHOOD, an official Elektronite Partner for ordering information on purchasing a copy of Match 5 or Old School for a limited time. Also check out the additional available Elektronite titles…

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OLD SCHOOL by Elektronite is now shipping

Elektronite has begun shipping Old School pre orders, more copies are still available for purchase. Visit HERE for availability. 

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Order Your OLD SCHOOL Game Before It sells Out

Old School by Elektronite is getting near to being sold out of the Complete In Box version, a box upgrade kit is also available for those who previously purchased the cartridge only.  After the init…

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E3 2014 - Old School for Intellivision

E3 2014 for Intellivision is here! All expected 2014 Intellivision releases are being highlighted for your viewing enjoyment.

Intellivision Still Lives 35 years later!

Welcome back to School!


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Boxed Release of OLD SCHOOL by Elektronite

A full Complete In Box (CIB) version is being released by Elektronite, a cartridge only version was initially available but has since sold out and will not be made available again. The CIB version w…

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Ordering for OLD SCHOOL Ends March 31 2014

The deadline for ordering the upcoming Elektronite release OLD SCHOOL is March 31, 2014. No more ordering the cartridge only release after this. Head over to ATARI AGE for ordering details. Don't mi…

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Elektronite reveals the OLD SCHOOL cartridge label

Elektronite has revealed the final design for the cartridge label on the upcoming release OLD SCHOOL. Some graphic tweaks, adding of high score, and title screen are still underway. This limited rel…

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