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Opcode Games shows mock up of the IntelliXpander

Opcode Games has revealed a mock up of the IntelliXpander. A new game expansion module for the Mattel Intellivision. Official details here.

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Opcode Games reveals new box design for use with new Intellivision releases

A new box style has been revealed by retro homebrew game and hardware developer Opcode Games. This new box features a gatefold book style design and magnets to hold cover in place when closed. The new box will debut with a couple of Colecovision titles and tentatively in 2017 for the Intellivision versions of Castlevania and Graduis. 

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Opcode Games announces the IntelliXpander System Enhancement Module

Opcode Games has made it official. The IntelliXpander System Enhancement Module is scheduled for release in 2017. What actually started out as an "April Fool's Joke" is no longer!  Opcode Games has previously released numerous for the Colecovision in addition to the add-on Super Game Module. Also Opcode has announced 2 new games that will take advantage of this new Intellivision add-on: Gradius and Castlevania. Check out the original announcement from Opcode HERE

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Opcode Games to begin publishing Intellivision games in 2017

OPCODE GAMES has announced new Intellivision games for 2017. In conjunction with the Intellivision Super Game Module.  The first SGM enhanced game will be a port of the hugely popular shooter Gradius. We will follow that with a number of titles from our Arcade series, as well as such MSX favorites like Goonies, Knightmare and Penguin Adventure. 2017 is shaping up to be a banner year for Intellivision enthusiasts. 

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Opcode Games to release SUPER GAME MODULE for Intellivision in 2017

OPCODE GAMES, a popular homebrew publisher of mainly Colecovision games is bringing a Super Game Module device to the Intellivision. This device, when connected to the Intellivision, will expand the system’s memory and processing power to new heights, allowing the creation of a new line of games with features many thought would be impossible for the Intellivision. In 2017 the Super Game Module will unleash the true power of the Intellivision. OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT HERE.

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