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Release update for Rocketeer by Groovybee

A new update from Groovybee shows a ton of new features and release plans for the upcoming Intellivision game, Rocketeer. For a full rundown on the game visit here.

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New Rocketeer Intro Sequence Shown

A new intro sequence has been revealed for Rocketeer by Groovybee. Rocketeer is expected to make its debut this year along with several other games. 

Rocketeer Game Start Sequence

Groovybee has shown the latest clip of Rocketeer, the sequence at the start of the game. Check out the Rocketeer thread HERE.

ROCKETEER and MARS MINIS Developer Gives Updates

The Developer and Programmer, GROOVYBEE,  of the games Rocketeer, Mars Minis, Apple Snaffle, and numerous other games in development for the Mattel Intellivision has given an update on the current status of the projects. See the update for yourself HERE

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Intellivision Invaded eJagFest 2013

Groovybee and his Intellivision invaded eJagFest 2013 in Germany during the this past weekend. Showing off the upcoming Rocketeer and also Hover Bovver. Check out more details directly from Groovybee himself!

Download the Teaser ROM for Upcoming Intellivision Homebrew ROCKETEER

Get the Teaser ROM for the upcoming Intellivision release by Groovybee HERE!

Only A Few More Days to Pre-Order ROCKETEER

The recently announced Intellivision homebrew game Rocketeer will no longer be able to be ordered after March 31st 2013. Once the Pre-Ordering is over no more games will be produced. Now is you last chance to purchase this game from the developer, Groovybee. Don't let this game slip away!



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Rocketeer will have a Limited Release

The upcoming release of Rocketeer for the Intellivision will see a limited release. No orders will be taken after March 31st 2013, Now is the time to get on the pre order list so you dont miss out on this great new game. Here is the pre order/development thread on Atari Age.

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New Intellivision Game ROCKETEER Announced PRE ORDER NOW

Pre Orders are being taken for the newly announced Intellivision homebrew game Rocketeer. Head on over to the Atari Age Forums to see the announcement from GROOVYBEE and express your interest in getting this game, not a member? Now is the time to join the AA Forums!


Rocketeer is a Cartridge only release at this time and will be set at 40.00. A box and manual and overlays could possibly come at a later date.

The objective of the game is to collect the 5 pieces of your roc…

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