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Jawcrusher digital ROM available at MtxWorld

MtxWorld has made the digital ROM avialable on their website, among other games. Check out the selection on the website.

Jawcrusher Digital ROM is now available

Get the Jawcrusher Digital ROM game file for use in emulation direct from its programmer Crazyboss.

Ultimate Pong game available for free

Download the free digital ROM for Ultimate Pong HERE.

Download the FREE Missile Domination digital ROM for Intellivision

Download the free digital ROM for use in emulation and various flash carts. Full details available here.

Download the FREE Space Patrol digital ROM for Intellivision

Left Turn Only has made available the free download for the game Space Patrol. Download directly on the official website.

OH MUMMY for the Mattel Intellivision free digital ROM download

Download the digital ROM for a new game, Oh Mummy! for the Intellivision. Courteous of Nanochess.

Purchase the SUPER PRO BASEBALL digital ROM

Intelligentvision is making the digital ROM available for the latest release, Super Pro Baseball. The cartridge release has since sold and is now unavailable. You can purchase the  ROM for use in emulation and on multi-carts. Visit the official site of Intelligentvision HERE.

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Intellicart Atari 800 Project

A summary and final status of Retrochallenge 2016/10 project which was to transfer ROM images from floppy disks on an Atari 800/850 to an Intellivision equipped with an Intellicart! cartridge emulator.

Intellivision PRINCESS QUEST digital ROM now available for purchase

Order your copy of the Princess Quest game for Intellivision. Available from the original programmer of this Collectorvision release. ORDER HERE.

Intelligentvision ROMs still available

Intelligentvision has multiple Intellivision ROMs for purchase. For use in emulation on your CC3, PC, or Rasberry Pi. Check them out HERE.  In addition, there is a ROM section with many games available for free HERE. Enjoy!

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Mystic Castle ROM now available from Intelligentvision

Mystic Castle was a prototype game that was later released as Thunder Castle. The game play to Thunder Castle is slow and takes away from the fun of the game. This UPDATED release fixes the game play speed issue, adds 4 levels to start the game with making it more fun for beginners, and updates bonus images. You can now order the game in Digital ROM form for use on emulators. Order directly from INTELLIGENTVISION

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Popeye graphics hack with downloadable ROM

Popeye for the Intellivision has had a small graphics hack. Download the ROM here

Order the DIGITAL ROM for Space Raid

The digital ROM for Intellivision game SPACE RAID is now available for purchase. Proceed to the official download page for full details and price. Visit the official ordering page for any inquiry for boxed version. Enjoy. 

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Donkey Kong and Ms Pac Man Digital ROM on sale until end of the year

Carl Mueller Jr, the programmer of Ms Pac Man and D2K Arcade for the Intellivision is having a sale of the DIGITAL ROM for these games for use in emulation. Check out the sale of 10.00 each until the end of 2015.    OFFICIAL SITE

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Intelligentvision Digital ROMS Available

Intelligentvision is making available some of their releases in digital ROM form. Check out the selection HERE

Download Intellivision Sports Games Hack Roms

Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, and Football for Intellivision have had a few cool hacks done. Check them out HERE

D2K Arcade Digital ROM Sale 10 Dollars

Now is the time to get your D2K Arcade digital game ROM file, this will be on sale from the original programmer until at least early 2015. Head on over to Carl Mueller Jr's website, IMPOSSIBLE THINGS, for the full details. 


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Various Pac Man Hacks Available to Download

A few different Pac Man hacks are available to download in this AA thread made by user Pacman3211

Elektronite's DK Arcade ROM Order Page Is Live

Elektronite has now put up the official ordering page for the DK Arcade ROM. You may also customize your character and difficulty levels to a degree. Check out the official ordering page.





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D1K And D2K Arcade ROMS Soon To Be Available Digitally

Elektronite's D1K Arcade will soon be available as a digital sale. The price for a custom ROM with your name embedded in the game, .....for example......"John Smith's copy of Elektronite's DK Arcade"........PDF manaul, and PDF Overlay will be $15 US. Payment will be made to the author of the game directly using PayPal. If this sale goes well, and we don't find "John Smith's copy" on rom sites, other games such as D2K Arcade will see a digital release.

To request more information or …

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