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Upgrade your SPINA THE BEE Game From Intelligentvision

Intelligentvision is offering to upgrade the ROM of your Spina The Bee game if you had previously purchased a copy in the past. There are numerous changes and upgrades including the game now starts …

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CONFIRMED?????: The Origin of the Spina The Bee game, 30 years later!

As reported a few weeks ago HERE, the possible origin of the unfinished Intellivision game 'Spina the Bee' fit almost perfectly with the description of the Maya the Bee franchise. Now thanks to a ti…

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Intellivision's SPINA THE BEE Origin Possibly Discovered

The inspiration for Intellivision's Spina The Bee has possibly finally been solved close to 30 years later. The official Intellivision Lives website only gives this description and not much informat…

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