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STAR WARS for StudioVision RCA Studio II emulator on Intellivision

Star Wars TESB Intellivision review

A History of Star Wars Video Games

Not so long ago in a living room that probably had shag carpeting, tacky wallpaper and parents with leg warmers and neon running pants, the marriage between Star Wars and video games was born. It was a relationship that would continue to this day and beyond. The Empire Strikes Back has the privilege of being the first licensed Star Wars video game on the market. Published in 1982 by Parker Bros., a company famous for board games such as Monopoly, Sorry and Trivial Pursuit, it was initially r…

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Star Wars Revenge of the Jedi Intellivision box sold

A prototype box for Star Wars Revenge of the Jedi sold on the online auction site INVALUABLE in December 2015 for $550.00.   See the details HERE.

9 out of 10 Stormtroopers Prefer Intellivision

Toy Fair 1982 Parker Brothers Promotional Video

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