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The Lost Caves of Kroz for Intellivision Gameplay and Review by Intellivisiondude

The Lost Caves of Kroz GAMEPLAY

The Lost Caves of Kroz Expected to Ship End of October 2014

Elektronite is expecting to ship out The Lost Caves of Kroz later this month, check out the pre-order page for more details on how to order. 

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The Lost Caves Of Kroz still Available for Pre Order

Elektronite has made available more Pre Orders for its latest release, The Lost Caves Of Kroz. now is your chance to get your reservation for this great new game for your Mattel Intellivision. This new game is expected to ship Summer 2014. Check the ordering details in this OFFICIAL Thread

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ORDER NOW The Lost Caves Of Kroz for Intellivision

Elektronite's THE LOST CAVES OF KROZ game is now accepting orders for the first 100 copies, which right now appear to be sold out. But if back orders reach a certain point more should become available. This initial run of 100+ should be shipped by the end of summer 2014. Future copies MAY NOT be available until sometime in 2015. Elektronite is moving its headquarters overseas and some games may not be available for some time. So, if you would like to be on the initial production run of Caves o…

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New screen shots for the upcoming Elektronite game, The Lost Caves Of Kroz have been revealed. The game is still on track for a release this year.

  • shot0017.gif
  • shot00001.gif
  • shot0002.gif
  • shot0003.gif
  • shot0004.gif
  • shot0005.gif
  • shot0007.gif
  • shot00006.gif

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The Lost Caves Of Kroz Box Art

The Lost Caves Of Kroz box is nearly complete, programming of the upcoming Intellivision release is still underway. Stay tuned for further news.

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