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The Vision-daptor is a USB interface for connecting ColecoVision and Intellivision controllers to your PC/Mac. No driver is needed as the Vision-daptor is recognized as a combination USB HID (Human Interface Device) joystick, and keyboard. Just plug and play. It has switches for selecting ColecoVision or Intellivision and controller 1 or 2.


This is based on the 2600-daptor

  • USB 2.0, runs at full speed (12 Mbit/sec), backwards compatible with USB 1.1
  • Compatible with Windows/Mac/Linux - any O/S that natively supports USB HID devices, which would about any O/S released in the last 10 years
  • Data transmitted every millisecond (1000 times a second) for minimal delay
  • Lead free board and solder.  RoHS components as available
  • Made in the USA
  • Supports all 16 directions of the Intellivision disc
  • Includes a dongle for connecting original Intellivision controllers without modifying the cord
  • Works with the Coleco Super Action controller keypad that can be problematic with other adaptors
  • Keypads generate key presses, so no "joystick button to key mapping utility" is needed
  • Firmware is upgradable over the USB

Note on Coleco SA spinner, Driving, Roller controllers -

The Vision-daptor supports the SA spinner, but I have not found an emulator that it can work with. ColEm  has a spinner emulation but it does so in a way that neither the Vision-daptor or any other USB device could be made to work with.  I think the Vision-daptor might be compatiable with the ColecoVision Driving and Rollers controllers, but I don't have either to check with.  And these also have the same problem of no emulator support.




To verify operation in WinXP, go to Start->Control Panel->Game Controllers.  Select “Vision-daptor” in the list and click Properties button.  Disc/stick should move the cross hair full up/down/left/right and side buttons show when pressed.  Use the Controller Test Mode and PC Joystick Button Usage charts further down to check/diagnose your controller.

To check the keypad, open notepad or a similar word document program.  Pressing the keypad should show typed characters. The keyboard Num-Lock must be ON for testing when controller 2 is selected.  Turn the keyboard Num-Lock OFF for game play.

  • Device not recognized or enumeration stalls

The enumeration seems to always stall under WinXP if, when the first time it is plugged into a computer, it is plugged into a USB 1.1 port.  If windows does not give the device installed and ready to use notification within 30 seconds after plugging in, simply unplug and plug it back in.  After that, it should install and operate fine.  You can also go into Device Manager, right click on it, and select Update Driver… to restart the enumeration. 

  • Does not work in emulator
    • Check you have Switch 1 set for the correct Mode, Coleco or Intelli, and have unplugged/replugged the USB
    • The 'daptor may need to be plugged in before the emulator is started.  Try exiting and restarting the emulator.
    • Num-Lock needs to be off for controller 2 keypad game play.

Switch settings

After changing switch 1 between ColecoVision/Intellivision modes, the USB cable must be unplugged and replugged for it to take affect!  This is not necessary when just changing the Controller #, switch 2.


Mode Switch 1 (next to USB) Switch 2 LED (seen through left side gap of USB opening)  
ColecoVision UP - constant on/off flash  
Intellivision DOWN - 2 flashes on, then off a bit  
Controller # 1/2 - UP/DOWN -

Changes the keys sent.  Joystick 1 or 2 is automatically assigned by the O/S.  Set this switch to match. Num-Lock must be OFF for game play with controller 2.

The Controller # just changes the keypad keys.  The stick/disc and side buttons are seen as a joystick device by the PC, and whether they are used for controller 1 or 2 just depends on the order they are assigned by the O/S.  You could find the stick/disc/side buttons are controlling a different player then the keypad.  In which case, change the Controller # switch on 'daptors to match.

Important Note for ColecoVision Controller 2! ColEm causes a problem by using the same keys for controller 1 and 2, and then using the ALT key to select controller 2.  This is only an issue for the keypads as the sticks/side buttons come in as joystick input.  I played around with having the 'daptor send ALT-1, etc., for controller 2 keypad, but ran into problems.  You CAN fake the controller 2 keypad by holding the PC keyboard ALT down while using controller 1 keypad, or just type ALT-1, etc. on the PC keyboard.  This works fine for Turbo's skill level game select screen.  But for 2 player game play where the keypads are used, you may have to consider using a different emulator, like blueMSX, that has separate mappings for the two controllers

Controller Test Mode: Toggle Switch 1 (down for Coleco, up for Intelli) but do not unplug/replug the USB.

Controller Mapping - For setting the mapping in your emulator.

Note: The PC Joystick button numbering (joy B#) in the below chart is based on the first button being 1.  Some emulators many start numbering with the first button as 0.


Based on ColEm & blueMSX defaults


Function Controller 1

Controller 2 *

stick joy X/Y joy X/Y
left button joy B1 joy B1
right button joy B2 joy B2
1 1 numpad-1
2 2 numpad-2
3 3 numpad-3
4 4 numpad-4
5 5 numpad-5
6 6 numpad-6
7 7 numpad-7
8 8 numpad-8
9 9 numpad-9
0 0 numpad-0
* - numpad-*
# = numpad-/
SA yellow joy B1 joy B1
SA red joy B2 joy B2
SA purple joy B3 joy B3
SA blue joy B4 joy B4
SA spinner joy Rz, B13/14 joy Rz, B13/14

* Controller 2 keypad not usable in ColEm


Based on Nostalgia defaults


Function Controller 1 Controller 2
disc joy X/Y joy X/Y
top button joy B1 joy B1
left button joy B2 joy B2
right button joy B3 joy B3
1 1 numpad-7
2 2 numpad-8
3 3 numpad-9
4 Q numpad-4
5 W numpad-5
6 E numpad-6
7 A numpad-1
8 S numpad-2
9 D numpad-3
0 X numpad-0
clear Z numpad-.
enter C numpad-Enter

PC Joystick Button Usage - Reference for all the buttons, B9-16 input pattern maps in particular.  Use Control Panel->Game Controllers->Properties and the Controller Test Mode to check/diagnose your controller operation.

Controller Test Mode: Toggle Switch 1 (down for Coleco, up for Intelli) but do not unplug/replug the USB.




B1 left button, SA yellow
B2 right button, SA red
B3 SA purple
B4 SA blue
B5,6 'daptor Switch 2, Switch 1
B7,8 not used

Keypad input pattern map when in controller test mode

Key B9 B10 B11 B12
1 - - - ON
2 - - ON -
3 ON - - ON
4 ON ON ON -
5 - ON ON -
6 ON - - -
7 - - ON ON
8 - ON ON ON
9 - ON - -
* - ON - ON
0 ON ON - -
# ON - ON -
SA purple ON ON - ON
SA blue ON - ON ON
B13,14 quadrature A/B inputs (SA spinner/Driving Controller)
B15,16 not used
Rz-axis value will increase/decrease with quadrature input



B1 top button
B2 left button
B3 right button
B4 not used
B5,6 'daptor Switch 2, Switch 1
B7,8 not used
B9-16 input pattern map (below) when in controller test mode


Key B9 B10 B11 B12 B13 B14 B15
1 - - - ON ON - -
2 - - - ON - ON -
3 - - - ON - - ON
4 - - ON - ON - -
5 - - ON - - ON -
6 - - ON - - - ON
7 - ON - - ON - -
8 - ON - - - ON -
9 - ON - - - - ON
clear ON - - - ON - -
0 ON - - - - ON -
enter ON - - - - - ON
Button B13 B14 B15
top ON - ON
left - ON ON
right ON ON -
Disc B9 B10 B11 B12 B16
N - ON - - -
NNE - ON - - ON
ENE - ON ON - -
E - - ON - -
SSE - - ON - ON
SSE - - ON ON -
S - - - ON -
SSW - - - ON ON
WSW ON - - ON -
W ON - - - -
WNW ON - - - ON
NNW ON ON - - -

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