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Super Chef BT Box Art Revealed

The box art for the new upcoming Intelligentvision release SUPER CHEF BT has been revealed. The game will feature 69 new levels along with some new character improvements. This game along with Super Pro Tennis should see a physical release in 2013. More release details will be announced closer to the release date. To be sure to hear all the latest news from Intelligentvision directly, join the NEWSLETTER and join the FORUM!


Check out the gameplay video:

You are Chef Peter Pepper and is surrounded. Pickles, Egg, and Hot Dogs are everywhere! Dodge down a ladder, pepper the Egg and you narrowly escape. All baddies chase after you. Run for your life to the next sandwich piece. Gobble some fries along the way and you've got some more pepper. With the baddies on your tail, cross over a condiment and watch them all fall together. You have some breathing room until they come back out.

You will be challenged with 69 new screens!

Levels consist of all 69 screens. Each screen played is a stage. Stages are randomly selected. You never know which stage you will play next.

Enjoy new condiments. A salt bottle, mustard, and different coffee cups.

Enjoy Burgertime as your remember it... just better. This is Super Chef Burgertime!


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