Homebrew Publishers

A list of all Mattel Intellivision homebrew game publishers and other Intellivision related merchandise.

Publisher Name

Official Website Type of Releases

Years Active


Blah Blah Woof Woof www.blahblahwoofwoof.com Games 2015-Present
Collectorvision www.collectorvision.com Games 2014-Present
Elektronite www.elektronite.com Games 2012-Present
Freelancer Games www.freelancer-games.com Trading Cards, Boxes 2014-Present
Freewheeling Games http://fwgames.ca/ Games 2016-Present
Good Deal Games www.gooddealgames.com Games 2014
Groovybee Games AtariAge Profile Games 2015-Present
Intelligentvision www.intellivision.us Games 2004-Present
IntellivisionRevolution www.intellivisionrevolution.com Games 2014-Present
Intv Extras http://markthompson.us/intellivision Catalogs/Manuals/Misc 2016-Present
Intv Prime www.intvprime.com Games 2016-Present
Left Turn Only www.leftturnonly.info Games 2001-Present
Opcode Games www.opcodegames.com Games/Hardware 2017-Present
Pboland AtariAge Profile Overlays/Posters 2013-Present
Psycho Stormtrooper N/A Overlays 2005-2008
Schell's Electronics N/A Flash/Multi-Carts 2001-2007