Welcome to the Intellivision Revolution!

Welcome to the IntellivisionRevolution Store

Offering newly produced Intellivision homebrews and original Mattel Intellivision games, and more. Visit each section to view the current inventory. Also check out the Intellivision Game Vault for a variety of downloadable digital game ROMs. Ordering instructions are on each page. Thank you for visiting and the support in an effort to keep new games coming for your favorite system. 

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AUGUST 22 2021 - Ni Felter and Unlucky Pony's Adventures are temporarily sold out! More will be made available as soon as possible, no one that wants a copy will miss out. Many thanks for all the interest and support.  Frankenstein's Monster is not available at this point. Intellivania is sold out again, more will be made available soon. 

AUGUST 3 2021 - Intellivania restock coming in next two weeks. 

JULY 2021 - French Canadian Intellivision games coming to store soon. Intellivania and other games to be restocked soon.  New Intellivision homebrews coming soon. Ni Felter, Unlucky Pony's Adventures, Frankenstein's Monster.

JULY 2021 - Store revamp in progress, new sections, menus, and Intellivision games and misc. items added.

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