Happy Trails Prototype

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I am interested in selling it Alessandro please pm on my YouTube (or if shows my email use that)

I am running the international intellivision museum, if you want to sell the prototype tell me please.

I'm going to sell it when I am in desperate need of some cash & no I got it right on the same day I got a intellivison complete in box at a garage sale....& the intellivion was broken, so I NEED to buy 1 soon.

hey, so you dont plan on selling it ever? Do you have an intellivision to test it and show what , if any differences there are?

I'm actually the one who own the prototype. I do take good care of it. This was the last time I've seen it. I'm hiding in a safe. I'm just kind of a clutz, so thats why I kind of dropped it & stuff. I try to take good care of stuff, but I tend to somehow not, unless Its out of sight, so it is in a safe out of my vision. I do understand the rarity, if i didn't I wouldn't have did a video about it. It is one of my most prized possessions.

First thing I though of was "Wow ! If I had something that rare I wouldn't be treating it like that!", Cool item, just not much appreciation for the rarity