Happy Trails Prototype

July 24, 2012

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First thing I though of was "Wow ! If I had something that rare I wouldn't be treating it like that!", Cool item, just not much appreciation for the rarity

I'm actually the one who own the prototype. I do take good care of it. This was the last time I've seen it. I'm hiding in a safe. I'm just kind of a clutz, so thats why I kind of dropped it & stuff. I try to take good care of stuff, but I tend to somehow not, unless Its out of sight, so it is in a safe out of my vision. I do understand the rarity, if i didn't I wouldn't have did a video about it. It is one of my most prized possessions.

hey, so you dont plan on selling it ever? Do you have an intellivision to test it and show what , if any differences there are?

I'm going to sell it when I am in desperate need of some cash & no I got it right on the same day I got a intellivison complete in box at a garage sale....& the intellivion was broken, so I NEED to buy 1 soon.

I am running the international intellivision museum, if you want to sell the prototype tell me please.

I am interested in selling it Alessandro please pm on my YouTube (or if shows my email use that)