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RETRO BUYERS GUIDE Review of Intellivision

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Hey Jason,

Mike here from RETRO Buyer's Guide. I took a lot of the feedback that you gave above and re-edited the video to include the correct information. I do admit, I was a little rushed to get the video on schedule and I should have prepared more. That said, I really do like the Intellivision and consider it to be a severely underrated console.

You can find the new video here:


He showed off some decent games for the console. He choose well picking Bump 'n Jump and Burgertime add his favorites.

That said, it was difficult to watch at times. More research on the console's functionality would have been worth his time :-) Many games utilize the fire buttons, you DO rotate the disc, many games also use the keypad, and it's not quite just the Intellivision I, II, and III. Also, there's a reason why a few Atari games 'look exactly like Intellivision games' ;-)

Still cool he took the time to review the Intellivision and show gameplay for lots of good games.