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CGR review of Copter Command

Prizes for the Official 2016 COPTER COMMANDOS High Score Competition

The Official 2016 COPTER COMMANDOS High Score Competition came to a close March 1st. Many thanks to the participants!  The top scoring players have won the Copter Command Limited Edition box set, including a custom Copter!

Take a look at the official thread for details on the competition. 

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Copter Command Review by Gamester81

The 2016 COPTER COMMANDOS Competition is now LIVE

See the details for the 2016 Copter Commandos Competition and download the ROM HERE

The 2016 COPTER COMMANDOS High Score Competition

The 2016 Copter Commandos High Score Competition is coming in February 2016!   Details Here. 

DOWNLOAD the Copter Command manual and overlay

Now you can download the manual and overlay for the Intellivision release of Copter Command. 

Copter Command Homebrew Review by IntellivisionDude

Copter Command is now FOR SALE

Copter Command for the Intellivision is now for sale!  ORDER YOUR COPY HERE.  

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Copter Command Overlay Revealed

The overlay for Copter Command has been shown. Check out the Atari Age thread for up release details. Also join the OFFICIAL INTELLIVISIONREVOLUTION NEWSLETTER for direct contact on this and many other upcoming Intellivision games from various publishers. 

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COPTER COMMAND for Intellivision Gameplay Video

Copter Command - Screenshot

Copter Command for Intellivision 2015

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