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Intellivision programming contest 2018 A SPARROW GOES FLAPPING

A new game has been entered in the 2018 Intellivision programming contest. A Sparrow Goes Flapping by programmer KIWI. Give the game a test here.

Princess Lydie for the Mattel Intellivision

Princess Lydie for the Intellivision is part of the 2018 programming contest. Check the game out and give it a try yourself. Programmed by mmarrero.

IntyBasic Programming Contest 2018

Want to program your own Intellivision game? The 2018 contest is already underway. Your game could be published as well! Check out the contest HERE and see if you are up to the challenge of making your own game.

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WHALE HUNT is the 2015 IntyBasic Programming Contest WINNER

The 2015 IntyBasic Programming Contest has now come to a close. There was many great entries, but can only be one winner, and the winner is WHALE HUNT! For more details and a more in depth look take a look at the announcement thread

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2015 IntyBasic Programming Contest Entry - Mermaid

A new game entered in the 2015 IntyBasic Programming Contest, Mermaid. A full look HERE.

2015 IntyBasic Programming Contest Entry - Tramp

Another entry for the 2015 IntyBasic Programming Contest. Tramp is a trampoline jumping challenge game. Check it out HERE.

2015 IntyBasic Programming Contest Entry - Tris

Tris, is an entry into the 2015 IntyBasic contest. Download a playable rom and see details

2015 IntyBasic Programming Contest Entry - Simon 4

Simon 4, an entry into the 2015 IntyBasic Programming Contest. More details on the game HERE.

2015 IntyBasic Programming Contest Entry - SPACE VERSUS

SPACE VERSUS, an entry into the 2015 IntyBasic Programming contest. More details HERE.

2015 Intellivision Programming Contest SPACE VERUS

The 2015 Intellivision Programming Contest has a new entry:  Space Versus. Download the ROM file in the official entry thread on Atari Age. 

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Intv Programming Contest 4 Months Remaining

Still deciding if you should enter the 2015 Intellivision Programming question? Still 4 month left until it comes to a close. With 6 entries and more yet to be revealed, it should be an exciting finish! Check out the 6 entered games so far here. 

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Use IntyBasic to Program your own Intellivision game

Nanochess has released the latest IntyBasic programming revision. Download V1.0 now!

LUNAR DEFENSE for Intellivision

Microlabs has begun initial programming on a new game, Lunar Defense. Still in very early stage. View the programming blog for more info.

IntyBasic V0.7 Has Been Released

The latest version of IntyBasic, for you Intellivision programmers, has been released by Nanochess. Download the latest version HERE

Introducing IntyBasic Compliler Intellivision Homebrew Development Tool

Developed by Atari Age user NANOCHESS

This is a command-line integer cross-compiler of a small subset of BASIC, it generates assembler for using with as1600, that in turn generates the final executable runnable in real Intellivision and/or emulation via jzintv.   


It significatively eases writing games for Intellivision. I know it because the examples I'm attaching were written in less than an hour each one.

 Vo.1 of IntyBASIC compiler, executables for both Win and Mac.

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