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Hover Bovver and Apple Snaffle on Intellivision

At PRGE 2016, Hover Bovver and Apple Snaffle were both shown at the Groovybee Games booth. Hover Bovver was playing great and completed. Apple Snaffle was also playing very nicely. Also, both game…

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Updated Apple Snaffle Gameplay

Upcoming Intellivision Homebrew release Apple Snaffle, sneak peak at gameplay in action. Coming soon by Groovybee. 

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The in development Intellivision homebrew, Apple Snaffle, has seen an icy makeover. Will this make it into the final version?

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Gameplay of Intellivision Version of APPLE SNAFFLE

A gameplay clip of the Intellivision version of the upcoming homebrew APPLE SNAFFLE was shown recently. Check out Groovybee's development thread HERE for more details or information. 

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