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CollectorVision Intelligent Club Membership 2019

The Collectorvision Intelligent Club has been brought to you so you can both support us and get some completely exclusive goodies at the same time!
By being part of our Club, you will also receive exclusive offers!

The Club is limited to 100 members only!*

This is for the hardcore Intellivision fans!


Here’s what you get:
– Membership Card
– 1x CIB Intellivision Game* + its rom file (Exclusive to this Club)
– Access to our roms vault (Excl…

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REVIEW Sydney Hunter and the Shrines of Peril

BCs Quest For Tires still available from CollectorVision

Did you miss BCs Quest For Tires on the Intellivision?    CollectorVision still has some copies available for purchase on the official site.

Gameplay video of Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribes

Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribes NOW SHIPPED

Collectorvision Games is now shipping the latest Sydney Hunter game. If you have not yet ordered, Contact them via their official WEBSITE. Also take a look at the official announcement thread on Atari Age.

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Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribes box RESERVATIONS

Sydney Hunter is shipping very shorty. Check out the official reservation list by Collectorvision Games.  ORDER HERE.

Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribes box art

Collectorvision has shown off the official box art for their upcoming release, Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe. A few changes may still occur before release.

Intellivision PRINCESS QUEST digital ROM now available for purchase

Order your copy of the Princess Quest game for Intellivision. Available from the original programmer of this Collectorvision release. ORDER HERE.

Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribes UPDATE

A new animated GIF clip was shown by the game programmer Nanochess. This game will be released by Collectorvision for the Mattel Intellivision soon.

SUPER MINEFIELD by Collectorvision is now SHIPPING

Collectorvision has now shipped out all current orders for Super Mine-Field. Expect your copy soon!  If you have not ordered you can get ordering details HERE

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Order your copy of SUPER MINE-FIELD by Collectorvision NOW

Collectorvision is releasing Super Mine-Field for the Mattel Intellivision. Orders may be placed now HERE. This comes with box, game cartridge, manual, and 2 overlays. The object of the game is to get across the mine filed without being blown up by a mine.  Do you have what it takes to survive?

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Sydney Hunter And The Sacred Tribe coming in 2016

Sydney Hunter And The Sacred Tribe by Collectorvision is tentativley scheduled to release in 2016. More details in the official announcement. 

SUPER MINEFIELD by Colectorvision

A new game by Collectorvision called Super Minefield is coming soon to the Intellivision. Details as they become available.

Order the DIGITAL ROM for Space Raid

The digital ROM for Intellivision game SPACE RAID is now available for purchase. Proceed to the official download page for full details and price. Visit the official ordering page for any inquiry for boxed version. Enjoy. 

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SACRED TRIBE officially in development for Intellivision

Collectorvision has revealed the SACRED TRIBE is officially being made for Intellivision. This game is from Sydney Hunter fame. Look for the game sometime in 2016. 

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Flapee Bird by Collectorvision FRENCH Review

PRGE 2015 - Gamester81 at the Collectorvision Booth

Gamester81 manning the Collectorvision booth at PRGE 2015. 

Princess Quest for Intellivision Still Available

Have not picked up Princess Quest for the Intellivision?   Order your copy here!

Flapee Bird still available for Intellivision

Collectorvision still has Flapee Bird available for Intellivision. Get your copy now!

FLAPEE BIRD for Intellivision - ORDER NOW

FLAPEE BIRD for the Intellivision is available - ORDER HERE

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