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Sears 1982

New digital games available at Intelligentvision

Visit the official Intellgentvision website for new and old digital game ROM downloads.   ENTER HERE


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Download your favorite Intellivision games in the ROMS VAULT at Intelligentvision

Get ready to play some great Intellivision games. A wide selection of downloadable games are available at the Intelligentvision website. Visit here: Link

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Mancala by Collectorvision now available


Head on over to Collectorvision for your copy of Mancala. Official store:  Link

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Intellivision Onion games

Auto Racing gameplay video

Swords and Serpents gameplay for Intellivision

Intellivision 2 restoration

The Pandora Incident for Iintellivision

A very special HELI demo

H.E.L.I. is a new game that will be released in 2020.

The game will incorporate "Christmas mode" which can be unlocked by entering a special code. Doing so will replace graphics and music to m…

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Frog Bog for Intellivision gameplay

FW Diagnostics is now available

Order your copy now of a great new testing tool, available from freewheeling Games. PURCHASE HERE.

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Deep Zone for the Mattel Intellivision NOW ON SALE

Deep Zone for the Intellivision is officially for sale. The game is by Artrag and published by IntellivisionRevolution. Purchasing details are in the IntellivisionRevolution store.

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Intellivision Entertainment PRGE 2018 keynote address AMICO

Maria for Intellivision preview

The Ultimate Intellivision Flashback gameplay and review

How to make Intellivision overlays at home

NoSwearGamer reviews Hover Bovver for Intellivision

IntyBasic Showcase Volume 2 is headed to Intellivision

A new and final entry in the IntyBasic Showcase volumes is nearing release. This will include 3 games, Oh Mummy, 2048, Meteors. A possible 4th as well?  Stay up to date in the official announceme…

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TERMINAL BUGOCITY coming soon to your Intellivision

A new game is nearing release for Intellivision. Terminal Bugocity will be creeping its way to your favorite console soon.

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