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Intelligentvision anniversary catalog for sale

The definitive edition of the Intelligentvision catalog is now available. Released by INTV EXTRAS, purchase details HERE.

Mystic Castle and Super Pro Baseball boxes available

Two boxes for your Intelligentvision games releases last year are available for purchase. DETAILS HERE.

Intelligentvision releases Fight for the Cup 2017 NHL All Star Hockey

This takes Hockey to the next level! The Super Pro gave you features you so wanted such as one player and larger playing area. All-Star Super Pro delivers everything else you wanted! You may now order the digital ROM or a physical game board of Fight for the Cup. Ordering details are here on the official Intelligentvision website.

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Order the manual/label/overlay kit for Fight for the Cup 2017 - NHL All-Star Super Pro Hockey directly from mthompson. Fight for the Cup is published by Intelligentvision.

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NHL All-Star Super Pro Hockey by Intelligentvision

Introducing INTV EXTRAS Website

Check out a new website by mthompson, featuring miscellaneous Intellivision items such as manuals, overlays, catalogs, shirts and more.


IntellivisionDude plays Mystic Castle by Intelligentvision ORDER DIGITAL ROM

IntellivisionDude gives Mystic Castle some game time. Mystic Castle is an updated version of the original Thunder Castle. Purchase the digital Rom directly from the publisher, Intelligentvision. VISIT HERE.

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IntellivisionDude plays Super Pro Baseball

IntellivisionDude plays the latest Intelligentvision release, Super Pro Baseball. Purchase the Digital ROM HERE.

Purchase the SUPER PRO BASEBALL digital ROM

Intelligentvision is making the digital ROM available for the latest release, Super Pro Baseball. The cartridge release has since sold and is now unavailable. You can purchase the  ROM for use in emulation and on multi-carts. Visit the official site of Intelligentvision HERE.

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Intelligentvision releasing SUPER PRO BASEBALL in 2016

Intelligentvision is back!  Super Pro Baseball will release in 2016. Info from Intelligentvision: This takes Baseball to the next level! The Championship level gave you features you so wanted such as one player and reaching first base quicker. Super Pro Baseball delivers everything else you wanted! 

Super Pro Baseball will be a available in CIRCUIT BOARD and DIGITAL ROM forms. It will not come in 'complete in box' form as previous releases. See the full announcement direct from Intvdav…

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Ms Pac Man Digital ROM now available for FREE

You may now download the Ms Pac Man digital ROM and source code for free on the programmers website.  The website is IMPOSSIBLE THINGS. Ms Pac Man was programmed by Carl Mueller Jr and released by Intelligentvision. 

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Explore the Intellivision Library at

Visit the Intellivision Library over at for a ton of great info and pics and more!

Intelligentvision ROMs still available

Intelligentvision has multiple Intellivision ROMs for purchase. For use in emulation on your CC3, PC, or Rasberry Pi. Check them out HERE.  In addition, there is a ROM section with many games available for free HERE. Enjoy!

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Mystic Castle ROM now available from Intelligentvision

Mystic Castle was a prototype game that was later released as Thunder Castle. The game play to Thunder Castle is slow and takes away from the fun of the game. This UPDATED release fixes the game play speed issue, adds 4 levels to start the game with making it more fun for beginners, and updates bonus images. You can now order the game in Digital ROM form for use on emulators. Order directly from INTELLIGENTVISION

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NOW AVAILABLE Colecovision Adam Keyboard PC Interface for the PC/MAC/Raspberry

Rekindle the love you had for your Adam keyboard without the need for the printer or console by using the Adam Keyboard PC Interface! 

In 1983, I purchased a Coleco Adam Computer and fell in love with keyboard. After all these years, I missed my Adam keyboard and wanted a way to use it again without the printer and console. In 2015, the necessary components to have this interface made just came together allowing me to use an Adam keyboard again! 

The Adam Keyboard Interface is simply…

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ON SALE SOON The 2015 Intelligentvision Catalog

The 2015 Intelligentvision Catalog will be for sale very soon. The initial batch is ready to go!  

Visit the ATARI AGE FORUM ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD for details on how to purchase and be notified. 

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New Stonix Gameplay Video by Intymike


The chase is on! Four soulful ghosts are on your tail and you do not want to lose your bow...or your life. Gobble up all the dots but watch out! They slow you down giving the ghost the advantage. Turn the tables on them by eating an energy pill! As the ghosts run in fear, blue and shaking, hunt them down and eat them! Wipe the board clean of dots and move on to other exciting mazes. Ms. Pac-Man is sure to steal your heart with her grace and charm in this timeless classic game.


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ORDER Super Pro Tennis Now

You're at center court, facing your opponent across the net, testing your strategy and your skill! You serve, rally, and go for a passing shot! Computer plays lineman, keeps score, and plays your opponent! This is fast paced action - the speed and pressure of World Class competition!   


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Ms Pac Man and Super Pro Tennis are Available for Purchase

Intelligentvision has made limited quantites of Ms Pac Man and Super Pro Tennis available. Check out the for sale page HERE

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