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D2K Arcade Special Edition now AVAILABLE

D2K Arcade Special Edition is now available to purchase. Get your copy HERE


D2K Arcade for Intellivision gameplay video

Also available is the D2K Arcade Special Edition. Order HERE

Donkey Kong and Ms Pac Man Digital ROM on sale until end of the year

Carl Mueller Jr, the programmer of Ms Pac Man and D2K Arcade for the Intellivision is having a sale of the DIGITAL ROM for these games for use in emulation. Check out the sale of 10.00 each until the end of 2015.    OFFICIAL SITE

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D2K Arcade Digital ROM Sale 10 Dollars

Now is the time to get your D2K Arcade digital game ROM file, this will be on sale from the original programmer until at least early 2015. Head on over to Carl Mueller Jr's website, IMPOSSIBLE THINGS, for the full details. 


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The Retrocade Plays D2K Arcade for Intellivision

Order Your DK and D2K Arcade MANUAL and OVERLAY KIT

Limited DK Arcade and D2K Arcade Manual and Overlay Kit's are available here. For use if you are playing via emulation of on a Mulitcart. 

Orders for all Elektronite ending DECEMBER 15 2013 place your ORDER NOW

Elektronite, makers of some fantastic new Intellivision games, will moving overseas soon and will temporarily stop all sales of games. The deadline for ordering is December 15 2013. Sales should resume in the spring of 2014. Now is the time to place your order if you have been waiting! It appears that Minehunter and D2K Arcade are already sold out. Still available are Match 5, DK Arcade, Paddle Party, Hover Bovver (2 level demo), and the Defender of The Crown video demo cartridge. Also availab…

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OldschoolNYCgamer review and impressions of D2K Arcade

D2K Arcade makes the cover of Revival Magazine

Revival Magazine issue #45 has plenty of Intellivision love, reviewing Christmas Carol and also showing a screen shot of the recently released D2K Arcade by Elektronite. Both games are currently available for purchase. Visit ELEKTRONITE and LEFT TURN ONLY.

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D2K Arcade Gameplay - Eliminator Stage Reached

The D2K Arcade High Score Competition has Officially STARTED

The D2K Arcade HSC has officially started! Time to start playing and competing for the top score. The competition starts February 1 and ends February 28 2013. Multiple tiers of prizes will be rewarded to the top scoring players. Time to dust off those Mattel Intellivision's and get playing! D2K Arcade was just released in 2012 by Elektronite, a new video game publisher dedicated to bringing new games to old systems. D2K Arcade features new and improved gameplay, sound, and graphics. Featuring …

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The D2K Arcade High Score Competition Patch Revealed

New Intellivision Patch for D2K Arcade

Preview of upcoming D2K Arcade patch for a High Score Contest. Details coming soon.

DK Arcade & D2K Arcade ROM's on SALE!

There is a special on DK Arcade and D2K Arcade ROM's until the end of the year. Both games are on sale for $10.00 each, so if you have been wanting these to play on your CC3 or for emulation on your PC, now is the time. They are available directly from the maker himself. IMPOSSIBLETHINGS.


Player Jumping
  • Binary in ROM and BIN+CFG format (compatible with most Intellivision emulators, the…

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D2K Arcade and Minehunter by Elektronite Available Again

D2K Arcade and Minehunter by Elektronite are available again in limited quantities. More should be available when these sell out. Head over to GAMESFORYOURINTELLIVISION for ordering and pricing information.

D2K Arcade Unboxing Video

D2K Arcade Available On Ebay - Paypal Now Accepted!

D2K Arcade is available on Ebay right now. They are accepting Paypal if that is your desired form of payment, check this game out if you have not! It is easily one of the best games available for the Intellivision. Check out the auction HERE

Additional information from the auction:

Copyright © 2012, Classic Game Publishers, Inc.





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D2K Arcade Sealed Games!

D2K Arcade Box Art Design Concepts

The recent release of Elektronite's D2K Arcade did not always look so good, it went through some designs that were not up to par. The design was to favor the  mock up box of Defender Of The Crown, but it did not go so well. Here is the story straight from Elektronite's William Moeller:

I got the idea from an Elektronite box mock up of Defender of the Crown. I loved the 'Elektronite wave' and wanted to do that, but I had no idea how to get it into Adobe Illustrator.

I had early version…

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D2K Arcade Boxed Collectors Edition Is Available

Good things come to those who wait, the cartridge only version of D2K Arcade by Elektronite/Classic Game Publishers has been availe for a while now. Now for those who were holding out for the complete boxed collectors edition, your wait is over! This is a completely new game including a new gatefold style box, new controller overlays, new manual, and a newly disigned cartidge. Plus you are getting two separate games in one package for under 70.00! Head over to Elektronite or Classic Game Publis…

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