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Elektronite has extended sales for a limited time

Sales of Elektronite games have been extended only a few more days. Elektronite will return sometime in the Spring of 2014 with new games!

Head over to CLASSIC GAME PUBLISHERS to make your selections. There was a recent checkout problem that has now been fixed, so take advantage of the extended sale period and stock up on these great Intellivision games!

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Orders for all Elektronite ending DECEMBER 15 2013 place your ORDER NOW

Elektronite, makers of some fantastic new Intellivision games, will moving overseas soon and will temporarily stop all sales of games. The deadline for ordering is December 15 2013. Sales should resume in the spring of 2014. Now is the time to place your order if you have been waiting! It appears that Minehunter and D2K Arcade are already sold out. Still available are Match 5, DK Arcade, Paddle Party, Hover Bovver (2 level demo), and the Defender of The Crown video demo cartridge. Also availab…

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Paddle Party Gameplay Video

Paddle Party for the Intellivision is available now, check out this gameplay video of it in action!

Also head over to CLASSICGAMEPUBLISHERS and take advantage of  the 2 for 100.00 sale!

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Paddle Party for Intellivision Now For Sale

Elektronite's latest release, Paddle Party, is now available for purchase, head on over to Classic Game Publishers to get your copy!

Paddle Party coming September 2013

Paddle Party by Elektronite is scheduled to be released in September 2013. This compilation of Pong style games is being programmed by Dave Akers, a veteran Intellivision programmer and Blue Sky Ranger!   

Cartridge Sticker for Paddle Party Revealed

Paddle Party Title Screen

Paddle Party Box Art Complete

SNEAK PEEK - Paddle Party on the Intellivision Box Art

The almost finished box art for the upcoming release Paddle Party on the Intellivision from Elektronite by Classic Game Publishers has been revealed. More details on the release as they become available.


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Intellivision's Paddle Party Making Progress

Paddle Party for the Intellivision is still making progress, keep up to date in the development diary. Paddle Party

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